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Safety first in insulation and asbestos removal
Will Burgers is Business Development Manager at Hertel's Regional
Customer Center Zuid in Geleen. “Our brief was to dismantle insulating
material from everywhere in the entire plant, including the ducts, boiler
walls and turbine." During the internal inspection of the boiler, Hertel
had to carry out insulation work inside and on the penthouse, im-
mediately below the boiler. “We considered the design of the pigtails
in consultation with the customer. These pigtails become quite hot and
run from inside the boiler to the outside, immediately next to the boiler
hangers.” In order to prevent these steel hangers from overheating,
special insulation was required.
In a large-scale overhaul of Essent's Amer 9 plant in Geertruidenberg, Hertel was responsible for all insulation work
and asbestos removal. The Hertel team did a splendid job - and in the supplier assessment upon completion, this was
rewarded with a rating of 8 out of 9.
The Amer power station job was carried out by a crew of 20 to 35
insulation professionals from April to the end of June 2013. The key to
success was management and the cooperation with the customer. The
managers on site continually monitored everything the whole time,
ensuring that the project ran like clockwork. Every problem was dealt
with promptly, and thanks to detailed preparation, many potential
problems were prevented. That is why the team received a compliment
for this large-scale project. “In Essent's and Hertel's history, that type
of score is fairly unique. According to our contact person, our way of
doing things sets an example for all other parties."
Dirk and Frans Timmers (Hertel Geleen) and René Gijsbers (HSEQ Essent, Geertruidenberg)
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