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InRelation is the in-house magazine of Hertel B.V. The Netherlands.
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The following have contributed to this edition:
Hugo Loudon, Gerard
Eugène Hillen, Peter Hecker, Marco Gouwens, Renier Kampman,
Will Burgers, Wim van de Putte, Yves Mooren, Michiel Westerhof,
Tanja van Oorschot, Merijn Buitelaar, Hans Heesmans and Aldo Krijgsman.
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In the industries within which Hertel operates, health, safety,
environment and quality (HSEQ) are at the top of the agenda. Together,
we and our customers pursue a single goal: to ensure that our own
staff and those of our contractors that are deployed on site can work
safely. We also wish to ensure that our environmental footprint is as
small as possible. That is why Hertel has been working hard to improve
its HSEQ performance for over 100 years now.
The pace of development in these areas is never ending. One example of this would
be the increasing focus on safety that can be found in the sectors in which Hertel is
active. In response to this, Hertel has commenced the global roll-out of its Target Zero
programme. One of the main objectives of the programme is to create a robust safety
culture in which people have the courage to point out unsafe situations and acts to
their fellow-workers and continuous improvement is pursued, for example through
learning from incidents and near misses. This programme offers a balanced mix of
theory and practical skills, aimed at making each day at Hertel a safe and healthy day.
For everyone.
A robust safety culture will stand or fall with good leadership. What this means is that
directors and managers must make a deliberate choice to make safety a top priority
in all operating activities and must consistently demonstrate this by their own
actions. Consequently, leadership in the field of safety is an essential part of the
Target Zero programme. Our workforce has now attended various training courses
to enable them to implement that leadership in practice. As Hertel's board and
management, we regularly visit our sites to carry out joint safety inspections with
our customers.
In addition, we conduct an ongoing dialogue with our customers about how we can
work together in order to enhance our safety performance even further. After all, a
safe and healthy workplace is a shared responsibility. In this edition of InRelation
we will discuss what safety means to us and to various experts in practice. Peter
Hecker, secretary of the Scaffolding Association, tells us about the way the sector
has raised the safety bar even higher and director Eugène Hillen of the Foundation
Cooperation for Safety discusses the latest developments with regard to the
VCA. Hugo Loudon, Hertel's Chief Operating Officer and responsible for safety,
among others, enters into a debate with TNO's Professor Gerard Zwetsloot about
the latest developments in the field of safety. Safety practice is also extensively
covered in a number of features about recent projects
undertaken with our customers. Enjoy!
Aldo Krijgsman
Hertel Netherlands and
Eastern Europe
03 2014
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