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03 2014
Hugo Loudon, COO Hertel
Gerard Zwetsloot views this as a fine initiative that has already
proved its value in practice. "The fishing industry is one of the most
dangerous sectors to work in. In the past, various initiatives were
launched in Spain and Portugal to improve safety. But nothing
worked - until the sector got the fishermen's wives involved in
the safety policy. It was discussions in private life that made the
fishermen realise the importance of safety. They were prepared
to take risks for their own account, but did not want to put their
families at risk."
Ongoing attention
One of the main follow-up steps within the Target Zero
programme is to raise the internal processes to
an even higher level by means of the different safety
programmes, thereby improving safety performance,
said Loudon. He emphasises that the Target Zero programme
is not a programme with a head and a tail, but that ongoing
attention to areas that need improvement is essential and
"Through our own observation, for instance by means of the
TimeOut system, we can analyse our strengths and our
weaknesses and align the follow-up programmes
accordingly. One of our greatest challenges in this regard
is the global roll-out of the Hertel Safety Leadership
programme. The other programmes are modular, which
makes it easier to acquire training tools for them. But in
the Hertel Safety Leadership programme it's all about
creating a robust safety culture. "A robust safety culture
is something that simply cannot be bought," replied
Zwetsloot. "Nor can you copy one from other
companies. What you can do, however, is to learn from
other companies by sharing experiences."
Reporting incidents
Both men are firmly convinced that reporting unsafe
acts and situations is important for the further
improvement of the safety performance. The only
thing is that that is not always so easy in practice.
Sometimes, employees are reticent in coming
forward because they feel they would not be
doing their employees a favour. Loudon points
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